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Visitor Management

Nspace sets a friendly, professional tone that gets the visit off to the right start.

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Remote Registration

Allow visitors to complete their self assessment and pre register before they visit your office.

Reception iPad Check in/out

The Nspace app from the AppStore enables your iPad to read QR codes and take ID photos.

Contact Tracing

The Nspace admin portal database enables you to notify staff and visitors in the event that contagion is reported.

Create a Memorable Visitor Experience

Send the custom link for your office to your visitor(s) and let Nspace take care of the rest: remote registration, preliminary check-in, and notify staff when they arrive.

Maintain a Healthy and Secure Environment

Nspace assuages any concerns by asking guests to complete a short health assessment and submit a photo before they enter the office. QR codes are provided for touchless check-in