Nspace Space Management

Plan a Smarter Workplace

Create the perfect layout and bring your people back

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Intelligent Seating Plans
Balance hot desking with fixed workspaces to maximize safe collaboration throughout the entire office.
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A Living Office View
Nothing is set in stone. Stay current with a fluid, mobile-friendly view and a plan that’s easy to modify.
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Improved ROI
Uncover unused space and opportunities for cost-savings. NSpace crunches the numbers to help you optimize space utilization.

Launch a quick and organized return to work

Nspace ensures that each employee gets the right level of access to the space they need.

Smart space allocation

Easily manage which desks are bookable, and which are fixed. Build space allocation profiles to ensure prioritized users always get the space they need


Get up and running in no time

Easily upload floorplans and configure which spaces are bookable based on your social distancing requirements


Space Usage Analytics

Understand how your space is being used so that you can plan your real estate strategy


Unleash a high-performance workplace

With Nspace, you’ll be able to allocate space in a way that strengthens your employee culture. Everyone will get access to the right space at the right time. Simply use your data to build space allocation profiles for each employee based on:

Team and role in the organization
Job requirements
Space requirements
Need for collaboration

Create a Smarter, Safer, Workplace

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