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Keep Your Workplace Clean & Contagion Free

Nspace gives you peace of mind that your office will stay a safe and healthy place to work.

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Monitor employee wellness
Our automated health check form makes it easy to monitor employee health and get alerted to any ‘red flags’, before welcoming any employee back to work.
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Keep desks and rooms sanitized
Rest easy that all spaces are cleaned on a regular schedule. NSpace lets you and your employees see when each individual desk and meeting room was last sanitized.
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Protect employees with contact tracing
If an employee falls ill, NSpace will inform you where they were— and with whom they were in contact—so you can take rapid action to safeguard the wellness of your workforce.

Protect your employees with our health check app

Customize your questions

It’s easy to modify your survey questions to the unique protocols and regulations of your workplace.

Be alerted to health risks

Our simple survey asks employees questions about their health before they enter the workplace. Where there are red flags you can take action

Prevent contagion at the office

Our digital health check survey helps to ensure people at risk do not enter the workplace and potentially spread contagion.

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Keep your workplace contagion free

Our health check app keeps your finger on the pulse of a safe and healthy workplace. If an employee indicates they may have symptoms or have travelled recently, you’ll know about it with enough time to take steps to prevent them entering the office.

Desks and Meeting Room Displays

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Is anyone using this desk?
Desk displays signal whether a booked desk is occupied or available – so an employee can check-in if it is free.
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Who’s booked this meeting room?
Conference room displays enable employees to review room information, right at the door—allowing bookings on the spot.

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