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Health Services & Cleaning Management

Nspace enables everyone to collaborate onsite efficiently, in confidence that the office is safe and sanitary.

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Monitor Wellness

Our customizable health check form makes it easy to monitor employee and visitor health and get alerted to any concerns, before granting access to the office.

Protect Employees with Contact Tracing

If an employee falls ill, Nspace will enable you to take rapid action to safeguard the wellness of their colleagues.

Create Peace of Mind

Ensure that every desk is cleaned before its next use. Our simple, floorplan-based app makes it easy for on-site cleaning staff to locate the areas requiring attention.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with our Health Check Function

Customize your questions  

It’s easy to modify your survey questions to the unique protocols and regulations of your workplace and jurisdiction. 

Be alerted to health risks 

Our simple survey poses questions about health before entry to the workplace, enabling you to receive notice of red flags and take immediate action.

Avoid Contagion at the Office

Our health, cleaning and contact tracing dashboards will inform you of office health and hygiene status, helping you to prevent and — if necessary — contain potential outbreaks. 

Stay One Step Ahead

Automatically notify cleaners after desks and rooms are used to ensure prompt sanitation. Receive notifications if cleaning has been delayed, so you can declare a space off-limits until it is clean. 

Exercise Duty of Care

Our access control API helps to ensure compliance and limit liability by connecting Nspace to onsite access control systems. Only staff who have completed the self-assessment can access the facility. 

Nspace manages your workplace so you can conduct office operations with confidence.