Nspace Hardware

Show the Status of Your Desks and Meeting Rooms

Nspace means better communication and less wasted space. Our innovative room and desk hardware dramatically improves information flow, and helps you to optimize space usage at all times throughout the day.

Raise the IQ of Your Workplace

Our desk and meeting room displays are designed to inform and optimize your workspace. Easily mounted to doors or desks, these devices will make your smart office even more intelligent.
  1. 1

    Superior space utilization

    Let employees instantly see whether a desk or room is in use, on hold, or vacant. Abandoned spaces can be snapped up by those who need them.

  2. 2

    Up-to-date information

    Displays show the desk or room schedule, available equipment, and when it was last cleaned. Staff can also use the display to report any problems or technical issues as they arise.

  3. 3

    Better visibility

    Keep employees in the know about who is using which spaces at what times. Better visibility not only keeps your office running, it also brings you important insights on how your space is actually being used.

Desk Displays: Click and Claim Your Seat

Nspace’s simple and elegant desk displays show the current status of every workspace.

• Yellow for "be right back”
• Red for "occupied"

Allow employees to simply claim their space by tapping the desk display with their phone or access card.
• Check-in and check-out of any available desk space
• Clearly signal the current availability of desks
• Create visibility and reduce “desk theft”

Nspace Desk Booking

Easily book a desk right from your phone, and when you arrive, find your space in a cinch with our built-in floorplan view. The Nspace app makes booking desks and meeting rooms a breeze, and integrates with your existing outlook calendar out of the box.

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