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msg global solutions Canada

Customer Story

msg global solutions Canada provides high quality IT and innovation consulting services to the local financial market.


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Throughout the pandemic, msg global solutions Canada grew their employee base beyond the number of desks in their Toronto office. They needed a way to share workspaces among employees and manage office capacity to ensure that there were enough desks for everyone who wished to attend the office. Additionally, some of their staff had moved out of Toronto and needed reassurance that after commuting to the office they would have a guaranteed desk space.

Upholding the Corporate Hybrid Work Policy 

When it came time to plan the return to office, msg global solutions Canada turned to their headquarters for guidance. The only stipulation was that staff attend the office twice a week.  When msg global solutions Canada considered how they would apply this policy to their own office, they wanted to maintain flexibility and choice for staff while addressing their workstation constraints.  

msg decided to use workplace management software to ensure that staff could book their desks in advance on a first come, first-serve basis. They sought a solution that would satisfy their security protocols and was easily managed by administrative users. The search led them to Nspace.  

After implementing Nspace in two weeks, msg has been able to effectively run their hybrid office. They have given their employees flexibility in entering the office space, while ensuring that staff can plan their visit in advance. Elizabeth Hidalgo, Office Manager at msg global solutions Canada says: “Staff can come in twice per week, on any day they see fit. They choose the day depending on their responsibilities and schedules.” When staff attend the office, they collaborate in-person, leverage technology available at the office, and participate in events. 

As staff come in on varying schedules, Nspace ensures that there is a process for planned office visits and enough workspaces for those that want them. In addition to booking desks, staff can drop in to the space when needed by using the office check-in feature. The flexibility to check-in to the office without booking a desk allows employees to collaborate in-person as they need to — or to greet visitors at the office. 

Managing Visitors at the Office 

msg also uses Nspace to manage any office visitors. The visitor management system offers flexibility with either a link or a QR code. Visitors can easily complete the required forms and ensure that they are complying with all health and safety policies before their visit. This helps msg to welcome visitors to the office safely and ensure that they have a record of completed questionnaires.

msg also founded Cookhouse Labs, a collaborative space for innovative thinkers. The innovation lab often hosts hybrid events at the msg office as a way to bring together industry professionals and build community. Cookhouse Labs uses Nspace alongside the msg office space to manage the in-person attendees at these innovative events.

“Even though the visitor management process had to be updated due to COVID regulations, which some visitors are not used to, Nspace has helped streamline the process. The visitors experience flexibility by accessing required forms via a QR code or link. It doesn’t take them very long to fill them out, and then they can enjoy their visit at the office. Nspace helps administration to keep a collection of the forms.”


Elizabeth Hidalgo Office Manager, msg global solutions Canada

Administrative Support 

To give staff peace of mind as they attend the office in-person, msg asks employees to fill out self-assessment questionnaires. In turn, Nspace allows msg to keep digital records should they need to access the forms. As well, they can adjust the questions on the self-assessment as COVID-19 protocols evolve.

msg can track and follow-up when required for contact tracing in the event that an employee attends the office and falls ill afterward. Elizabeth also notes that the analytics generated from Nspace are insightful. Booking analytics, such as frequency of office visits and popular areas where desks were booked allows msg leadership to understand how their office space is being used. As well, the ability to analyze self-assessment responses (including failed assessments), shows how often the feature is being used and the general health of their employee base.

Above all, what has allowed msg to achieve success with their hybrid office is the shared partnership with Nspace.

“The highlight has been the customer service experience. The client care is what makes Nspace stand out above the rest.”

Elizabeth Hidalgo
Office Manager, msg global solutions Canada