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Whether you manage one office – or a multinational portfolio — Nspace analytics make it easy to monitor the situation, adjust as needed, and keep ahead of change.

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Insights for Your Full RE Portfolio

No more searching for files. Just toggle between locations to see the dashboard for any given site.

Real Time Data

Nspace provides up-to-the-minute data on space occupancy and utilization.

24/7 Access

Still working remotely? Our cloud-based software can be accessed on your browser anywhere/anytime.

Workplace Analytics Keep You in Control

Nspace dashboards enable your team to make data-driven decisions on workspace availability, use, and maintenance. Our analytics engine tracks workspace status, occupancy, and utilization data including:

  • Fixed and bookable workstations
  • Average and peak occupancy
  • Average days booked
  • Utilization by room type


All analytics data is exportable in Microsoft Excel format.

A Healthy and Hygienic Workplace is a Productive One

Nspace has employee health & wellbeing top of mind to help reduce the need for sick days and office closures. Use our workplace analytics and reporting tools to:

  • Keep tabs on the cleanliness of rooms and workstations using the cleaning dashboard.
  • Track onsite employee health issues reported by staff with our self-assessment dashboard.
  • Conduct contact tracing in the event of an outbreak to identify and notify affected personnel.
  • Respond to any Public Health inquiries regarding outbreaks in the workplace.

Optimize for the Future
When and Where

Use Nspace occupancy data to identify underused or overused space and adjust your real estate approach. Consolidate space and use the information provided to implement chargebacks. The insights generated by workplace analytics can be employed in reallocating workspaces from fixed to flexible, and ultimately the redesign of your space for the new model of work.

Nspace manages your workplace so you can conduct office operations with confidence.