Power Your Workplace. Protect Your People.

A leading-edge planning, booking and safety solution that gives you total control over the return to work.

Make Booking Easy

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Our simple intuitive mobile app
Wherever they go, employees will be able to search a conference room, make a desk booking, or locate their coworkers with a simple click.
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Keeping it simple
Easily book a desk right from your phone, and when you arrive, find your space in a cinch with our built-in floorplan view. The Nspace app makes booking desks and meeting rooms a breeze, and integrates with your existing outlook calendar out of the box.

Optimize your space

With its sophisticated rules engine, Nspace allows you to optimize your space with distancing in mind. Based on your requirements and set criteria, employees will enjoy designated access to the workspaces they need.

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Less guesswork. More control.

Nspace does the thinking for you, analyzing the unique requirements of your workplace so you can manage the office with confidence.
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Smart Space Allocation

Give employees access to the right desk or meeting room when they need it – and expedite the return to work.

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Employee Health & Safety

Keep your workplace safe, clean and free from contagion.

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Intelligent Space Utilization

Accurately configure your space to meet physical distancing rules.

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Easy Desk Booking

Empower employees to find and reserve any desk space 24/7 – and book it instantly via a mobile device.

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Meeting Room Management

Get a window into each meeting room to show when it’s booked, when it’s cleaned, and if any equipment requires servicing.

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Contact Tracing

Track who has been where with smart tools. If someone gets ill, you can take immediate action.


Quickly Reconfigure Your Workplace

Get an efficient new workspace layout in no time. Simply select your space dimensions and preferences (such as, desired level of distancing) and NSpace does the rest.

Decrease density and maximize collaboration

Our advanced planning tools help you plan an efficient space layout so you can get everyone back to work ASAP. Just enter your preferences like ‘hot desking’, fixed desks, and desired level of distancing — NSpace does the rest.

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Run a safe and healthy office

Take care of employee health and safety with a system that keeps your finger on the pulse of your office space.

Contact tracing

Cleaning timetables
Health reporting
Physical distancing monitoring

Create a Smarter, Safer, Workplace

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